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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  March 3, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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t is disturbing to think that this many people want to take on the police officers and kill them or harm them. >> reporter: but, some in the community think officers fear of the public is leading them to shoot too quickly. >> the police are supposed po -- supposed to protect and serve and now it feels like they are watching us not protecting us. >> my own daughter is afraid of the police. >> i don't like them like killing people. >> reporter: is that what you think they do? >> yes. >> why do you think they do that? >> because they are bad people. >> late this afternoon the police identified the suspect driver as 23-year-old packman. the authorities confirmed his passenger was killed by police gunfire not the crash. and just a few hours earlier and a few miles away union city police say officers shot and killed an armed suspect.
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two patrol officers stopped a car on dire street around 10:00 last night. the authorities say the driver took off on foot and pulled a gun from his waistband. that is when the officers felt threatened and opened fire. the suspect died at the hospital and the police say a loaded handgun was found at the scene. tragedy at the escape from alcatraz. a man died during the race. this is youtube video of the swim portion of the race. the man had a heart attack in the bay. the fire department pulled him out of the 55 degree water. they tried to revive him but couldn't. this is the first death since it started in 1981. well, crews in florida have demolished more than half of the tampa area home over a sinkhole that swallowed a man alive three days ago. firefighters managed to salvage some keepsakes for the family
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members that live there including an american flag off of the home. the goal today was to knockdown the house and clear away the debris tomorrow so the officials and initials can see the sinkhole in the open. but, it has been a difficult process for jeffrey bush a relatives. >> i don't know what to think sometimes. everything down there. can not do anything about it. we got some belongings that we wanted but it does not make up for the house. >> bush was in his bedroom thursday night when the ground opened and took him and everything else in his room. he has not been found and he is presumed dead. five others in the house escaped unharmed. sinkholes opening up in san francisco forced officials to red tag three homes. this is following a water main break. the 61-year-old water pipe gave way thursday morning and the cause is unclear. two other homes in the neighborhood have been watched in case soil conditions change.
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toxic vapors in their homes, endangering their lives. that is what an angry crowd talked about today. kpix reporter is in mountain view where the problem goes back decades, don? >> reporter: it is unnerving for many that live here who thought the toxic chemical has been under control for years can. now moving about in their homes and showing up in concentrations. >> reporter: vapors tce that pollutes the ground water of this part of silicone valley. >> what are the concerns that bring you here? what are you thinking about? >> health. number one, health, secondly, property values. >> reporter: the history goes back to the '60s, '70s, '80s when they dumped it and it ended up in the ground water t. seemed controlled for years new concerns emerged last year from
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vapors seeped into areas. >> it can evaporate from that ground water, migrate through the soil and potentially enter into overlying buildings. >> reporter: buildings like the homes of many people who live in areas of wells showing puzzling new levels. >> the math showed high numbers, 130 per billion taken in the ground water under the street. now, that testing done on the home a couple of times over the years and it has not gone into the home. that is fortunate. >> for those here the question comes down to one thing. >> everyone is how does this effect my neighborhood? >> reporter: ventilation systems like this one owned in a home of an engineer were installed. >> the victim runs all of the way -- the system runs all of the way through here and here are the pumps. takes out all of the firms.
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>> reporter: paid for by the company that has been deemed by the pollution. >> people are not afraid of things that maybe they don't understand as well. so, i am glad they are trying to get the information out. >> reporter: the epa people say they are here for folks but folks are not waiting for the epa. they are getting pro active and holding meetings and looking to take actions. >> what is the risk of exposure? >> apparently a list of them including heart arrhythmia, muscle issues, bad things for pregnant woman. >> all right, don, thank you very much. california republicans have chosen a new leader former state senator elected chairman at the california republican convention today. he was chosen after sweeping
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losses in the november election. brulte will assess things. congress will go back to work but does not have a plan to undo cuts that have been impossessed. it leaves those affected wondering how they survive. >> reporter: the deadline has come and gone. the sequester on the american people will be realized slowly after the next couple of weeks. it goes into effect from air traffic control. they seem to agree on one thing. >> we don't have to do it. it is a manufacturerred washington crisis. >> there are smarter ways to cut spending instead of the sequester that was demanded. >> it was design inside 2011 to be so ruthless that both sides will be forced to find a better
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way. that was not motivation enough. even today, nobody seems to have a proposal for rolling back the cuts. >> i will not raise taxes to fix it. we don't need to race taxes to fund the goff am. we need to -- government. we need to raise it to get out of debt. >> as the arguing continues there are a lot of projects that are awaiting to find out how the cuts will effect them. >> reporter: they serve 2500 meals a day and looking at statewide cuts of $5 million to senior food programs. they do not know exactly what it will mean for their local budget. >> it can mean that some people are going without meals. it could mean that we find funding in other ways and of course, continue to beace resourceful as we can. >> congress goes back into session tomorrow. >> we need to address the long- term spending problems. but we can not cover a our way
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to prosperity. >>we can cut spending without foolishly cutting our spending. there may not be agreement on what the right way is to make these cuts but most of us agree that the wrong way is to do it across the board. >> reporter: but for now, that is the way it is being done. in san francisco, back to you. >> the $85 billion in cuts going through the remainder of the fiscal year that ends on september 30th. republican can date, mitt romney admits he shed tears over the loss. in an interview with chris wallace he said he mourns the fact that he is not in the white house. he avoided questions about what went wrong but admitted he failed to connect with minority voters. she has been sick for days and canceled several appearances. queen elizabeth is now in the hospital. it is the first sunday service without a pope. talks begin soon to pick a new
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queen elizabeth is in the hospital suffering from a stomach infection. the queen was taken to king edward hospital and expected to remain there for 48 hours. the health experts say dehydration is common with stomach illnesses and the queen will receive fluids. all of her engagements for this week has been canceled or postponed. cardinals are arriving at the vatican. as speculation grows about who will replace the pope. betting on the successor is large. we have the latest from vatican city. >> reporter: vatican city was quiet for a sunday. no pope's prayer after benedict's resignation on thursday. at a church a few miles from vatican city, mass went on as usual. cardinals from around the world gathered the archbishop from
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scotland who resigned this week, admitted wrongdoing 30 years ago. he said quote my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest. most of the voting cardinals are already here in rome. on monday they meet to talk about the challenges facing the church. once they all arrived they can set a start date for the election process known as the conclave. >> reporter: speculation is intense about who is chosen. the cardinal from guana. a conservative who speaks seven languages born to a carpenter and a fruit vendor. he says his election would be unprecedented. >> it will be interesting to have a black pope come. where everybody comes from. whoever he is, it is our pope. >> reporter: bookmakers are giving their odds. so far the pot is worth half a million with predictions it will top $1 million. >> if you look down the list i would think the top six or seven are the only people
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really in contention. >> a good gam bell. so, something to bet on -- gamble. so something to bet on. >> reporter: the church says the odds are in nobody's favor. back to you. from the kpix weather center, good evening, everybody. dufeel the change today? -- did you feel the change today? if you were in san jose you noticed. a cloudy day, cooler day, now, the timing of the next storm. when you should expect it as the news continues right here on kpix5.
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all right, i will need to get my umbrella out, apparently. >> do you know where it is? >> honestly no. >> i know. i keep one in the trunk at all- times now. >> i should do that. a few raindrops, a bit of a breeze as well. for us, sunshine, let's head out doors. good evening, everyone. this is the scene of the s- curve heading out of oakland for the city. sanfrancisco, beautiful evening in progress with the official sun down at 6:05. we are on the countdown for the bay bridge. the new span on labor day and the bright lights. the new lights on display for the next two years taking place on tuesday night kick starting at tuesday night. we will have rain for that event. we are looking for one cell that is just a little bit to the south now of the stockton area. very interesting. this is our live doplar radar. we are picking up a lightning
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bolt that just occurred. it was chowd to ground lightning. brief to the bay area with a trace of rain. it is is out of here. this is sunset. a few clouds in the distance there. the temperatures cooler than 24 hours ago. 50s and 60s otherwise 51 degrees in san francisco. but the breeze is a factor out of the northwest at 15. adding to the raw filling of the evening. okay, now, 68 degrees in santa rosa. averaging a couple degrees above normal for this time of the year. below normal down from yesterday's high of 68. 64 in san jose falling tonight to 45 degrees throughout the valley. back into allen rock as well. upper 30s, getting out that extra blanket. low 40s in livermore, cooler tonight. the trough, looking out towards
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mount diablo. more areas in the bay area. not so much from this trough but upstream. that is a little stronger and dump about an inch of rain throughout the bay area midweek with cooler temperatures. play along at home. here is your future cast on monday. we begin to clear out ever so slightly. then, here comes the precipitation by tuesday evening. slicing from the north to the south. all right, for your monday, back to work forecast. middle 60s, dry conditions, dry throughout most of the state. dry here as well with sunshine. once the morning clouds move out we are talking about temperatures, oh, that san jose number was way off. 65 in san skwroes's. otherwise this is your extended forecast. rain begins on tuesday night. up to an inch. the snow level on wednesday. 3500 feet. cooler numbers and dry after wednesday. >> a little bit of everything in weather and sports. >> that is what we do and how we do it in the four minutes of
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information they got here. come on back. >> you get four? [ laughter ] >> we do the a's and giants and paint swapping in auto racing today.
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all right, a's fans, remember this former shortstop? he is getting ready for his first year as manager for the
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rockies. he says after playing for tony larusa he will take it with him. >> i am sure that i will try to take a few pages out of his playbook. >> weiss's rockies hosted the a's today. here is the only run allowed in 3 innings. solo shot from nolan. the third of the spring. from there it was all green and gold. chris young, an rbi single here and the a's go on to beat the rockies final 7-2. zito faced the diamondbacks. francisco, right back at you. 3 for 4. 3 r.b.i. drove it in here. giants jumped out in front. throwing the former teammate here. three innings two strike outs. giants win, final of 5-3. >> we are going drinking! >> yes. frank the tank blackhawks still
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have yet to lose in regulation. down 2-0. patrick cane tie today with 11th goal of the year. it went to overtime. and goalie crawford, perfect in the shootout. stops henry to end it, blackhawks earned a point in all 22 games are now 19-0 and 3. switching gears, hello friends. utah in town to face stanford. liven it up out there. 15 points. 7 of 13. the second half. jason randall took over. a finish at the rim. and then here is randall again. 3-point land. 84-66 stanford. still a game under 500, impact play. >> a classic. not a good one for tiger woods. >> now, missed the short putt.
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tied 37th. after a good start. the shot of the day. jeff, we love this one. a little shot. this one is pretty. finished 2nd. two strokes behind the winner. michael thompson. now, second in the u.s. open and then today, he won. but werbgs move on to danica patrick. kissed the wall and got another kiss. this at the nascar event in phoenix. here is a shot from the incar cam rafplt i jumped just watching the screen. she did not finish this race. -- camera. i jumped just watching the screen. she did not finish this race. >> carl edwards, when he wins the back flip comes. first win in 70 races. congratulations to carl edwards. and finally, check out this finish. down 2, 3 seconds left.
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all right. here is the long pass stolen, he gets it up and it goes in. right at the buzzer. check it out. [ laughter ] >> the ball left his hand in time. and they won the new york last two state championship. >> oh. >> that is stunning. >> yes. it is over. okay. and it go in. and you win the game. >> that is the second week in a row we had a finish like that. >> this is a lot of that going on. i don't know what is in the water. >> thank you very much. san jose community marks a major milestone for for them. now, we will see you back here tonight. until then you can find our updates on our web site.
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good night
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>> jeff: tonight more shockwaves at the vatican. a former cardinal admits sexual misconduct just one day before the cardinal's first meet on choosing a new pope. mark phillips is at the vatican. queen elizabeth is taken to its hospital kelly cobiella in london will have more on her condition. demolition begins on the home where a sink hole swallowed a man in florida. >> and jimi hendrix plays again. 43 years after his death. terrell brown has the new track. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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news" good evening, everyone i'm jeff glor, this is the first sunday in nearly eight years that pope benedict is no longer leading the world's 1.2 billion catholics. as cardinals gather to pick 9 next pope the church released more difficult news today. after days of denial cardinal keith o'brien of scotland admitted my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest archbishop and cardinal. he said he would play no further part if the public life of the church. will not vote on the next pope. with more on what is ahead this week here's mark phillips at the vatican. >> there may be a void at the centre of the catholic church but the politicking has begun on who should fill it. the window at which the pope normally appears on a sunday is shuttered, the square where the multitudes normally gather is empty. most of the cardinals who will select the next pope have arrived to begin what they call discussions. vatican code for the intense negotiations that ultimately become votes. prayers and politics for a


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